Link X-Ray

Do you have a link to a URL that has been shortened by services like (Google), (Facebook), (Twitter),, or TinyURL? This tool calls our own code to give you the original URL. Don't take a chance and see where that shortened URL might take you. Paste your link with the "http://" or "https://" in the Shortened Link textbox and click the X-Ray button.

A recent study published researchers from the School of Technology at Cornell University has demonstrated that the danger doesn’t only exist in the links themselves, but also, where-in-the-internet they might take you. The bad guys have gained access to thousands of files in OneDrive, Google Drive and Google Maps from these shortened links. The problem is that these reduced URLs are not only short but also very predictable. They all follow the same structure. It is extremely easy to see hundreds or thousands of possible variants, automatically and in a matter of seconds, by checking to see if the link is directed to a file in the cloud.

Shortened Link
Actual URL