Security Services

Our mission is to make cybersecurity accessable, understandable and affordable to small business. In addition to providing vulnerability assessment and management solutions from industry leading tool vendors, we have developed our own extensions for open-source protocol analyzers and network mapping tools. This means that we can come in and quickly analyze, investigate and remediate threats. We also offer security awareness training using phishing simulation and online training tools.

Vulnerability Assessment

Do you have an accurate view of your network, IT assets and potential vulnerabilities? The assets and vulnerabilities on your network are constantly changing. Getting a full picture of your network is half the battle. We use best-in-class asessment tools and our own customized open-source tools to accurately identify, investigate and remediate vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Training

Are your employees trained to identify, avoid and report malicious activity? Employee security awareness training is an effective way to protect your organization from threats like phishing. Our awareness training solution, Infosec IQ, teaches employees how to detect and avoid malicious content through realistic phishing simulations and training modules.

Virtual Private Networks

Are you securely connected to the internet when you're on the road? Do you have secure, remote access to your home or office? If you're not using a VPN for remote access to your home or office network and computers, you're at risk. If you're not using a VPN/Proxy to connect your mobile computer or smartphone to the internet when you're on the road, you're at risk.

Compromised Credentials

Have any of your email accounts or passwords been compromised as part of a data breach? Use this tool to search a database of over 8 billion stolen email accounts and 500 million compromised passwords. We are in the process of developing our own basic threat intelligence tools that call various cybersecurity threat APIs. Keep checking in as we build and extend our toolset.